To all of our tenants

Due to the coronavirus pandemic we are urging you and your neighbours to help us slow
down the spread of infection.

Bostaden’s tenants represent around 20 percent of Umeå’s population. Although a lot of
things seem uncertain right now, one thing we do know is that every one of us can contribute in the fght to beat this virus. Together we can make a big diference!

We recommend you follow the latest advice from the authorities. Most importantly you
should stay at home if you become sick, even if you think it is just a mild cold. You should
also socially distance yourself from others when you leave home and regularly wash your
hands thoroughly.

Sweden’s Public Health Agency (Folkhälsomyndigheten) recommends those who are 70
years old or older, as well as others in identifed vulnerable groups, to stay at home as
much as possible and avoid close contact with others. We therefore recommend using
your telephone and other digital devices as much as possible to stay in touch with friends
and family.

By following these guidelines we can all help reduce pressure on the healthcare system by
ensuring that fewer people become sick at the same time.

If we work together we can make this difcult time a little more bearable. Even the smallest acts of kindness can give us the energy we need to get through this crisis. We have
already seen many inspiring examples of community spirit from people living in Umeå.

At Bostaden we will shortly be sharing more information and practical tips that we hope
will be useful in helping us all slow down the spread of infection. We have already launched, which we are constantly updating with the latest
advice, information and inspiration.

Take care of yourself, and each other!



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